The eighth excavation campaign on the site of the “La Pierre Fritte” dolmen (Yermenonville, Eure-&-Loir) will operate daily this year from :

This year, with the excavation of the ossuary trench completed, we will be completing our investigation of the paved area to the northwest and pursuing our exploration of the large pit to the east.

 Wednesday, 30 July, through Sunday, 31 August, 2008

All meals are supplied by the excavation organizers.
For those requiring accommodation, a camp-site will be made available at the municipal Centre Aéré of Changé, 5 km from the dig (campers are expected to come equipped with individual tent and bedding). Gasoline expenses incurred for transit to and from the site will be reimbursed.
Minimum age: 18.
Length of stay: two weeks minimum.
Tetanus inoculation mandatory (be able to produce certificate).
Registration fee, covering insurance: check for 30 euros made out to the CCLER. (Exceptionally, cash payments on arrival will be tolerated for those unable to draft a check in euros.)
To ensure effective organization, you are requested simply to fill out the attached registration form and to return it at your earliest convenience electronically, by regular mail or by fax, accompanied or followed by check if possible. Do bear in mind that candidatures are accepted on a first come, first served, basis, so it is wise to submit your form promptly. Thank you in advance.
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How to reach the La Pierre Fritte excavation site at Yermenonville
By rail : Maintenon is the nearest train station to the site. It is on the Paris-Chartres-Le Mans line which leaves Paris (XIV Arrondissement) from the Montparnasse station, (make sure the train you choose stops at Maintenon, for some do not). Please indicate your arrival time so we can arrange to pick you up).
Schedules and reservations of your tickets on the SNCF site
By car : Download the following maps.
  > general plan
[shows main roads and towns, situation in France - PDF format - 320 Ko]
> site access
[shows the sites and neighboring towns and villages - PDF format - 332 Ko]
> detailed plan
[shows how to access the site - PDF format - 308 Ko]
NB : for those who are camping, you may go directly to the Changé Centre Aéré campsite (Saint-Piat) (see the second of the three maps above).
The campground at the Changé Centre Aéré campsite (Saint-Piat)